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Garland ISD and Renaissance have partnered with the cities of Garland, Rowlett, and Sachse, with the goal of creating a community of readers. Enjoy a digital library with thousands of titles students can read at home, at school, at your local library, community centers, or even on a bus. The digital library includes recommended booklists, which match students’ interests and reading levels. Tools such as audio, text highlighting, zoom, and an embedded dictionary all help families read together even if there is not a proficient adult reader in the household.

You can read myON on web-enabled devices such as tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Every community member can register for a FREE account by clicking on the Register button.

About myON Reader
  • myON Reader personalizes the reading experience and develops an individual profile for each student based on interests and reading ability.
  • myON Reader generates a recommended booklist tailored to encourage students to read more and further improve their reading skills, and offers educators a solution that integrates with existing teaching tools.
  • myON Reader provides anytime, anywhere access to an expanding online collection of enhanced digital books with multimedia supports, including an embedded dictionary, text highlighting, and audio.


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Meet myON