Stages of Literacy and Suggested Reading activities


Birth to 12 Months

  • Start the routine of reading books together by holding your child and reading each day.
  • Recite nursery rhymes and sing songs to your baby. Repeat these often and watch your baby’s reaction to his/her favorites!
  • Choose myON books with large pictures and bright colors. Babies explore their surroundings through their senses.
  • As your child begins motor development, have them point to pictures and talk to them about the pictures and object they see, ex. point to the ball.
  • If raising a child to be bilingual, start introducing them to both language by selecting myON books with simple objects and the words for both languages.
myON book suggestions for birth to 12 months

myON book suggestions for children birth to 12 months

myON book suggestions for toddlers

myON book suggestions for toddlers


  • Read myON books with few words on the page and repeat them back to your child.
  • Give your child options of which book they want to read.
  • Use different voices and sounds when reading a story or utilize the audio feature available in myON. Toddlers love silly stories and rhymes.
  • Talk to your child as you read and explain new concepts, ex. talk about your own family, pets, or community.
  • Choose books that connect to your child’s experiences such as making new friends or going to a new place.


  • Encourage writing and drawing when reading to them. Read a page and have him/her draw a picture that goes with the story.
  • Use the story to have a back-and-forth conversation with your child. Make connections to the book by asking questions like, “How was the boy feeling in the story?”
  • Children also love storytelling, have your child retell the story they listened to on myON.
  • Introduce non-fiction books and discuss how we can learn from reading.
  • Read and reread stories they love!
myON book suggestions for preschoolers

myON book suggestions for preschoolers

myON book suggestions for Kindergarten preparation

myON book suggestions for Kindergarten preparation

Preparing for Kindergarten

  • Read myON books about going to school and making friends.
  • Point out site words and read decodable stories with myON.
  • Have your child begin writing about what they read. For additional ideas, check out the writing calendars or the reading response packet from Lalilo.
  • Read books from a myON Series. Point out how the stories are different, but the characters are the same, ex. Katie Woo.

Learn more about preparing for kindergarten and foundational literacy with myIGDIs, Lalilo, and staying connected with Renaissance.

Make myON Books a Part of Your Daily Routine

Children are more likely to enjoy and value reading if they are exposed to books in their everyday lives.

At Mealtimes

  • When feeding your baby or when the kids are gathered around the noisy breakfast table, sing or read a story.

In the community

  • Use myON on the go! Use the internet browser on your phone, a tablet, or other devices keep your little ones quiet and busy.
  • Before visiting a new place, read books about the experience, ex, a doctor’s appointment or the Grocery Store

At Nap Time

  • Familiar routines always help babies calm down. Use myON books and stories to quietly ease your child to sleep.

At Day’s End

  • Use the audio feature on myON with your child or sing a song together while prepare for bedtime.